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What Is It Going to Be?

I'm pretty excited. I just got a quote for my first big item purchase for myself, like ever. I've been living on a fairly strict budget while in school, and have found it hard to justify buying anything that I didn't absolutely need. But I'm giving myself the go-ahead just this once.

So now that I have a full time salary, what will be my first big purchase?
 I'm curious what y'all will guess.

I'll give you two hints:

1) It's not a car. Or a house (yet). In fact, it's fairly nonstandard and probably more practical than most "I just got a full time job and I can finally buy XXX" items go.
2) It's something that I've been wanting since I was a young girl.

I also realize that my "big" purchase might be small to others. To others, it might be considered an extravagance. It's all relative. I definitely won't be buying something I can't afford. And I definitely won't be paying with credit. Remember, this is Heather. I still have an emergency fund, a potential down payment, and now retirement to budget for. Sheesh.

No fair quizzing Tony, either, since he already knows.

Ready, set, guess!



My guess

I guess Lasik surgery. It is practical, & you strarted wearing glasses/contacts when you were young. Love ya! Mom
camera lens? coach purse? althoughyou did say you could finally "buy XXX" so maybe it's something more adult?



Could it be an appliance like a washer / dryer / dishwasher? Or maybe some type of surgery or treatment? Like Eye or other :)

You allready have a camara, maybe a nice laptop or cellphone type device?

Or maybe a personal coupon assistant?